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University Game Jam 2021

Jam Duration: 14th June - 18th 2021

In this game jam the themes we were given to choose from were

-Rodger Harper

-The Cluny

-Saint Marcellin

My team consisted of

-Myself - Animator

-Aurora Freir - Rigger

-Ella Dear - Programmer

-Dayna Mcentee - Character Modeller

-Rhianne Macswan -Environment Modeller

-Vaughan Lee-Spring -Character Designer& Concept

-Alvaro Castro-Mendivil -Background artist

(These were our assigned roles but it did end up being an 'all hands on deck' situation)

Once we chose our theme (Saint Marcellin) Our aim was to create an aesthetically pleasing photography and sight seeing game.

Whilst waiting on a character rig to animate I took part in the asset creation side of things aswell

Here's some of the animations I worked on

And here's a video of the final Product

We Won an Award!!!

We were hoping for the best visuals award but due to technical issues with the textures this didnt end up being the case.

We DID however, win the <Best Audio Award> music was composed by Dayna!!!

My Take away's

I really enjoyed this game jam, seeing everything come together at the end was a great experience, technical issues aside. I learned a lot about working on a game in a team and hope to take part in another jam soon!

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