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Ludum Dare Game Jam 49

Time Frame - 72 Hours [ October 1st > October 4th 2021 ]

Theme : Unstable

From the get go we already had less time due to not everyone being free at multiple points through out the weekend. But with the time we did have, we put it towards making a simple 'club penguin' style fishing game. I did this game jam along side some of my university game jam team (those who were available at least)

-Ella Dear - programmer

-Rhianne Macswan - modeller

-Aurora Freir - Technical support.

-And me :) - Animator

This is the first game jam I was designated to lead aswell so it was all very new.

And since not everyone was free I had to model and rig the character for the game. This isnt my strong suit as I only have a basic knowledge of rigging but I made sure it was at least fit for animation.

Our focus wasn't graphics, it was functionality, this was due to our decreased time frame, so we kept the visual style simple.

Here's some of the animations I made for the jam

And here's the finished submission

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